The 300% Rule — How To Sell New Homes

It is the rare occasion when a prospect walks into a new homes sales center and says, “I’m ready to buy.” Most of them hoist their protective shield and voice the call of the wary, “I’m just looking,” when approached by a salesperson.

Then what happens? The salesperson slips away, as does the potential for a sale, believing this weak warning to be true.

But here’s the reality of your job: You are supposed to give your full presentation to every prospect, regardless of the objection. A skilled closer knows this, and doesn’t ignore the tire-kickers or the lookie-loo’s who may or may not represent a sale. The closer recognizes the prospect’s fear of being pushed too hard and too fast, and adjusts the conversation accordingly, nudging rather than shoving. This successful seller knows the 300% Rule:

100% of your prospects deserve to be given 100% of your presentation 100% of the time!

Every potential buyer walks into your model with extreme caution. They have been told by others not to buy. At the same time, 90% of them have already been to your website, and were enticed enough to cross the threshold into this foreign territory where they know for certain that someone will attempt to sell them. And yet, here they are, face to face with you. So how can you walk away without making your complete presentation? How can you short-change them from the opportunity to find the house that will be the ideal home for them?

If you believe them when they tell you they are “just looking,” I can assure you that is all they will do. It’s their job to express disinterest. It’s your job to get them excited. And I assure you, if you apply the 300% Rule, you will!

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Myers Barnes

Those in the national and international building communities are familiar with the name Myers Barnes. He is an acknowledged leader in global new-home sales and is known worldwide as one of the industry’s topmost authorities in sales, management and corporate growth. A proven pacesetter, popular speaker and best-selling author, Myers has been called “an innovative business thinker” and has been hailed as “a guru of business reinvention and proprietary systems for success.”