Twitter: Your Instant Communication Station

When it comes to establishing a social media program, the third key component after a blog and Facebook is Twitter. While many homebuilding companies may easily embrace and recognize the importance of Facebook, many are hesitant to start tweeting. However, just like your blog and Facebook have a place within your social media marketing, so does Twitter.

Twitter is a micro-blog that allows users to essentially instant message to the world in 140 characters or less. On Twitter, you build a network of followers who you not only follow, but who also follow you back.

Here’s a rundown of lingo commonly used in the Twitterverse:

  • Tweet: a post on Twitter
  • @AtlantaPR is considered your Twitter handle (username)
  • When replying, type @username and then your tweet
  • RT (retweet) is essentially a way of forwarding a message to your folowers
  • D@username allows you to send a direct (private) message
    • # or hastag is a method for categorizing tweets, searching for specific subjects and tracking trending topics

Once you have down these basics, it’s time to start tweeting:

  • Links to your company blog posts
  • Tweet specific homeowners or agents to congratulate or say something to them
  • Photos and videos of your new homes and communities
  • RT others who tweet design trends, industry trends, etc.

Unlike Facebook and your blog, tweets have a shorter shelf life, so it is considered acceptable to tweet information multiple times a day and even tweet the same content multiple times. Studies have shown that the best time to tweet is during 1 to 3 p.m. EST Monday through Thursday and not nights and weekends.

Of course, Twitter wouldn’t be social media without the conversation piece. To find people you should be following, tweeting with and RTing, you can use the search function to find specific users or you can also search by topics important to your company. As a homebuilder, generally local real estate agents, homeowners, homebuyers, industry accounts, interior design firms and magazines and local companies are all great categories of people to follow.

Now, it’s time to stop listening and start tweeting!

Carol Morgan

Carol Morgan is the managing partner of mRELEVANCE and the visionary behind the nationally-ranked, award-winning She is the author of Social Media 3.0 and has in her 20 years of experience established herself as the “go to” for real estate and construction products public relations and social media.