Get Creative with Instagram

Social MediaWant to sell your homes 30 percent faster? Statistics show that a good photo (or two or three) will help you attract potential buyers and sell your home faster. Let’s face it, buyers may be coming to your model homes, but that’s only after they have done extensive online research. And, if your listings and websites don’t have photos, these would be homeowners are passing your homes by.

If you don’t want to have to hire a professional photographer each time you start a new house or community, an easy, free alternative is Instagram.

Instagram is a photo, and now video, sharing app available for all smartphones. It’s simple enough to use. Snap your photo or 15 second video, choose from any of their cool Instagram filters and share to your profile, Facebook and Twitter. Once you’ve shared your media, it will be displayed both on the app and on the browser of any Internet-capable device. Even better, the image or video you create is also stored on your phone, so that you can use it elsewhere, including your website or new home listings.

However, you don’t have to stick to just your same old boring photos with Instagram. This app provides a great opportunity to show off your products in a creative manner. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Take close-up photos of various design elements throughout the home
  • When hosting an event, be sure to take photos and videos that you can post while it’s happening (make sure to tag your guests)
  •  Post pictures and videos of your agents and other members of the company at work (make sure to tage your agents and community members)
  •  Show off amenities within the community or nearby
  •  Shoot pictures and videos of your homes throughout various stages of construction
  •  Establish yourself as an expert by shooting short how to videos
  •  At closing, take pictures of your brand new homeowners

Instagram is also a great place to encourage customer participation. Ask your followers to post pictures of their favorite spaces in their home or community, or something else along those lines. Make sure you have them tag you in the caption and assign a specific hashtag, so that you can easily find their photos.

The point is, Instagram opens up a whole new world to creatively take and share photos that will help you sell more homes, which should be the goal of all of your social media marketing efforts.

Carol Morgan

Carol Morgan is the managing partner of mRELEVANCE and the visionary behind the nationally-ranked, award-winning She is the author of Social Media 3.0 and has in her 20 years of experience established herself as the “go to” for real estate and construction products public relations and social media.