Educational Resources for the New Home Industry

Educational Resources for the New Home Industry | Lasso CRM

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While new home sales is part of the large umbrella that is real estate, it is a niche industry with unique characteristics and requirements. At Lasso CRM, we strive to be a resource, not only for your homebuilder CRM needs, but for sales and marketing education as well.

We offer a broad spectrum of carefully crafted content whether you are most interested in sales team training, email marketing, lead generation, marketing automation or analyzing sales performance. Immediately available resources include:


Our acclaimed webinar program calls on the top sales and marketing consultants in our industry to deliver information-packed sessions full of practical, up-to-the-minute tips that you can implement immediately.

White Papers

The white paper collection is perfect for gaining in-depth knowledge of a CRM-related subject, such as Online Sales Counselors or CRM system implementation.


The Lasso Blog offers articles on a weekly basis that keep readers up-to-date with industry events, technology trends, and Lasso Tips.


New Developments, Lasso’s monthly e-newsletter, contains sales and marketing news, popular blog posts, upcoming webinars and more.

Social Media

Through our social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, we share fun and helpful information on a daily basis.

All to help you do your jobs faster, more easily, and more profitably.

Dave Clements

Dave is founder and CEO of Lasso Data Systems, the leading CRM for homebuilders and real estate developers across North America. His passion for Customer Relationship Management is foremost that CRM is a core business strategy for home builders to grow revenue, increase profit and improve customer loyalty. His approach is a down-to-earth view that leadership, people and effective processes can leverage the advantages of technology to achieve better business results.