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These next few weeks are all about flowers, candy, and construction paper hearts. Well, there are a few things that we are loving and just had to share with you! Here are a few marketing trends we’ve been watching and totally love. 💝


It’s all about the UX

Both in design and marketing styles, things have shifted to a more minimalist approach. You now see websites with a simple hamburger menu and large images with really amazing typography. Simple and to the point…and so well designed! Designers are taking those complex problems – like a 50-page website, and organizing them in the most beautifully simple ways.

This does not dimish the crazy graphics and moving pieces we were used to before but changes how we think about the user experience online. Do we really need buttons jumping across the screen to catch the user’s attention?

We’ve seen the subtle approach on websites with design and really cool animations, on social media channels, and the tone of copy. It is much more personal now. Previously, companies would share their information and talk about how amazing they are and how you need to ‘BUY FROM US TODAY!’ While that was attention grabbing, why should I buy from you if you’re yelling at me? (Anyone thinking about used car dealers? Sorry, guys.) Which leads into the next trend we love, showing your uniqueness!

Being Unique

Stand-out from the crowd

We’re seeing a shift with the content on the page and on social media networks. They are more about getting to know you and sharing details about the company – more people are sharing why they are so unique. (Even though it’s getting harder and harder to be one-of-a-kind!) For example, you might have a company that builds playgrounds for children in the summertime as a yearly company outing because you love helping the community where you live. Previously, you might have posted an image on your website here and there but it was never really celebrated.

Today, these kinds of stories are exactly what marketers love!

It is something that can set you apart from the rest. This shows a personal touch…the “why” to the important question, “why should I do business with your company?” Sharing this on your website, in your About Us content, on your social media shows that you’re not some huge corporation typing away and collecting checks….you’re actually a down-to-earth, cares about their community, family-oriented, kind of guy. Who wouldn’t want to work with you?


Upcycle those out-dated ideas

Another trend we’re seeing is repurposing old marketing tools. Everyone loves a good upcycle, right? Specifically thinking about email marketing. Most people know it as a tool to send out coupons and deals but lately, we’ve seen it as an opportunity to educate users and connect with them based on certain activity. Email marketing platforms have made significant advancements in how you can connect with customers. A few things to note are: when someone fills out a lead form on your website, you can track their activity and send a specific email to them.

For example, if Suzy Homebuyer fills out your general Contact Us form, and then visits all the pages in your Amazing Community location, you can automate an email to Suzy about your Amazing Community. Pretty cool, eh? (MailChimp even made an update that allows you to create Facebook Ads in their platform…whoa!)

There are a million other ways to use this marketing tool and you can make it super simple to super complex. Thinking outside the box is something we’ve always been told to do…and we’re seeing it happen!

Final Thoughts

We love seeing the online world change – and it is definitely for the better! Making more personal connections, celebrating your uniqueness, and thinking outside the box are just a few of the trends we’re seeing and absolutely love!


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