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We all know that spring is a crazy time of year for most homebuilders.  To get a jumpstart on your marketing strategy for spring, pick a day in the upcoming week to map out all of your spring events.  Open houses, parade of homes, community grand openings, etc.  It’s best to put these all down on the calendar so you have a month to month view of what’s coming up.  This will keep you from getting overwhelmed mid-march when you realize you have an event once a week until the end of eternity (or so it feels.)

Hire A Photographer

If you’re as lucky as we are in Kansas City, the grass has been brown and the trees have been bare since October.  As the landscape starts to shift back towards blue skies, green grass, and beautiful flowers, take advantage and hire a professional photographer to come shoot your newest homes.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, photos can make a world of difference on your home listings.  Spring is the perfect time to start planning for new photography.  

Schedule Out Facebook Posts

Use these next few weeks to get proactive with your marketing strategy channels.  As soon as you have dates solidified, an easy way to stay ahead is scheduling out your future event posts.  Facebook allows you to create a post like you normally would, but to then choose ‘Schedule’ instead of ‘Post’ when you’re finished.  That should help take some of the stress out of remembering all of the different posts you need to create on the day of the event.

Utilize The Blog For Press Releases

Blogs can also be a wonderful tool to create press releases for your spring events.  They don’t have to be long and drawn out articles, rather just a good spot to highlight the details of your upcoming events.  Use nice photos, and straight to the point verbiage to get your customers the information they need.

Refresh Content

This can be on your website and social media networks.  Think about changing out an old cover image or updating your profile photos.  Update your community pages with any new information, photos, and available homes.  Make sure all of your newest homes and plans are available on the website too.


With proper planning and allocation of resources, we hope this spring is your most successful yet.  

If you need any assistance with your spring content strategy, contact our marketing team today.


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