Tulsa Homebuilder Simmons Homes Embraces Mobile-First Website Design

Simmons Homes embraces mobile-first

Simmons Homes Focuses On Mobile Buyers

Based in Tulsa, OK, Simmons Homes launched their newest website with your phone in mind.

That’s because seventy-five percent of new home buyers spend up to one year doing research before committing to a buy – and they want to grab them right at the start. Simmons knows their website is their top model home, and so they invested in making it top-notch.

“Our mobile traffic is close to 70% and we realized we were missing an opportunity to provide our mobile users the best possible browsing experience,” said Dana Bowen, Director of Sales for Simmons Homes. “We made the decision to build a ‘mobile-first’ website that allowed us to showcase our product in a much more intuitive interface.”

The Mobile Experience

Simmons Mobile Website

Mobile version of Quick Move-In Homes

When designing mobile-first, there’s a lot more to consider than just making sure the screen shrinks down appropriately. For one thing, a mobile-site needs to be easy to interact with.

Simmons’ features a hard to miss call-to-action at the bottom of every page, encouraging visitors to contact their sales counselor with any questions. A click-to-call feature ensures visitors don’t exert any extra effort – one click, and sales counselor Robin connects with them.

On the Communities and Homes pages, the Simmons site shrinks down its search filter to easy-to-click buttons. Clicking into one of these pages, you then have easy access to information – as well as an expandable gallery that lets you swipe through images

Why Mobile Matters

The majority of users are now mobile searchers, causing Google to announce it’s reshaping the way it indexes websites. Once launched, Google’s mobile-first index will rank websites based on their mobile versions – not desktop.

Now, Google doesn’t think that this will swap around the ranking too much. But if you haven’t been paying attention to responsiveness, or making sure your website is mobile-friendly? You could be in trouble.

Simmons Homes, though, can rest easy – they’re ahead of the curve.

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