How Many Ways Can You Use a Bonus Room?

Bonus Room

Even in a home with an abundance of space, you can always use more. There’s no privacy in open concept spaces or an extension of the owner’s suite when you feel that utilizing that area might overlap with the room’s peaceful purpose. We’re finding that more homebuyers are wanting something extra; a bonus room. At Ideal Homes, we offer many floor plans that give the homebuyers just that. Here are some of our favorite ways to use a bonus room.

We all know how difficult it can be to work from home without an organized space that is dedicated just to work. Having a home office will aid in separating work from pleasure, eliminate any distractions, and create a productive environment for work to be completed.

Need more space to spend time with friends and family? Transform your bonus room into a game room! Set up tables for board games, puzzles, and get ready for your next poker night. Create designated gaming stations for air hockey, billiards, or foosball to get the whole family involved. Keep the fun and games in one room and out of your open floor plan.

Bonus suites, much like the options included in our Stafford and Thatcher floor plans, give you more than one room to work with. We can include a half or full-bath, transforming this area into the ideal guest room for visiting friends and family.

With the increasing popularity of DIY projects, many homeowners look for a bonus room that can be used as a craft studio or hobby room. It’s a tedious task having to haul all of your supplies when your creative mood is ignited, only to stash them away again when you have somewhere to be. A craft room lets you stay organized and have your supplies at the ready when something sparks your creativity.

Need a quiet space to retreat to? A library or study gives you the quiet you need to read, do homework, research, or simply use as a peaceful refuge.

Is your New Year’s resolution to stay in shape? Take your elliptical or treadmill out of that one corner (we all have that one corner) and transform your bonus space into an exercise room. Use this room to store your weights, jump ropes and anything else you use to stay healthy. You might want to update the flooring with something more cushioned and sturdy, like rubber tiles.

Lights, camera, action! Roll out the red carpet and transform your bonus room into a home theater. Set up your large screen television with your streaming devices, DVDs, or home theater system. Incorporate comfortable seating, a concession stand (refrigerator, popcorn machine), and blackout blind shades, and you’re ready for a movie marathon.

Last, but not least, use your bonus room to create the ultimate man cave. Include all of the simple pleasures you can into this unique space. The recliner that the woman of the house disapproves of having inside the house. A wine fridge or kegerator. An area dedicated to online games, darts, or other diversions. Allow him to make it into whatever he wants, while she smiles, shakes her head, or looks the other way.

When looking for a new home, brainstorm the ways that you can use a bonus room. At Ideal Homes, we currently have a selection of quick move-in homes that include this added feature. We also offer the offer the bonus room as an option for many of our 55 new home plans available in Ideal Homes’ new home communities in the Oklahoma City metro area, including Edmond, Norman, and Moore. Contact us today, to find a home that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

Steve Shoemaker

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