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Recorded Webinars

Supercharge Your Marketing with Google UTMs and Landing Pages (2018)

In this webinar presented by Do You Convert’s Andrew Peek, learn how to properly set up Google Analytics to track lead sources, and understand when to use landing pages to supercharge your marketing efforts.

You will:

  • Know when to use a landing page to increase the quantity of leads
  • Learn Google Analytics foundational setup to track lead sources
  • Use Google UTM codes to synchronize all of your digital marketing to Google Analytics

Track your marketing campaigns more effectively!

Managing Yourself to Greater and Consistent Sales Success (2017)

As a new home salesperson, it often feels like your success is out of your hands. You rely on your marketing department for traffic, your construction team to deliver finished homes, and your sales manager for achievable goals.

But it’s possible to dictate your success based on what you CAN control. In this 45-minute coaching webinar with Ralph Williams from Sales Solve Everything, you’ll learn:

  • A system that shows you how not to rely on traffic for your success
  • How to predict your sales on a weekly basis.
  • How to create Natural Believable Urgency
  • How to Stack the Deck in Your Favor that will allow you to convert prospects into Sales

Learn the formula for sales success!

Economic Outlook: Where the Housing Market is Headed (2017)

Are we nearing another housing bubble? Where are home values growing the fastest? And is new construction on the rise? These questions and more will be answered by Dr. Skylar Olsen, Senior Economist of Zillow Group, during this webinar on the latest economic housing trends and market outlook for 2018.

You’ll learn about:

  • The state of the housing market overall and new construction starts
  • The demand for new construction homes vs. resale
  • The effect of new construction homes on the rest of the market, and affordability

Learn where the housing market is headed!

How Do I Get My Digital Marketing to Drive Leads? (2017)

In this 45-minute Lasso Webinar presented by Group Two’s Andy Bergren, we’ll explore real tools, strategies and best practices to drive more leads from your digital marketing efforts.
You’ll learn:
  • How to stimulate and capture interest from home buyers
  • What strategies will drive leads and sales
  • How to analyze and measure your ROI

Drive more leads with your digital marketing!

Is It Time to Grow Your Online Sales Team? (2017)

In this panel discussion moderated by Lasso CRM’s Sara Williams, three of the new industry’s top OSC team leaders will discuss their experiences with starting and growing an OSC team. Panelists are: Anna Hoffpauir with CBH Homes, Cori Masters with Royal Oaks Homes, and Doug Whitford with M/I Homes. They’ll discuss:

  • The reason for expanding from a single OSC to a team
  • The OSC hiring process
  • The most important skills for an OSC team environment
  • Compensation structure
  • And much more!

Learn online sales growth strategies!

Email Marketing that’s Compliant AND Effective: Is it Possible? (2017)

In this webinar with Lasso CRM’s VP of Sales, Dave Betcher, we will cover the basics of effective email marketing, what you need to do to make sure it’s CASL and CAN-SPAM compliant, and requirements of the major email service providers. We will discuss:


  • Reaching the Inbox
  • List Segmentation
  • List Hygiene
  • Content


  • List Integrity
  • Registration Forms
  • Opt-In/Opt-Out
  • Identifying Information

Create compliant, effective marketing emails!

How to Market to Millennial Home Buyers (2017)

Realtor.com predicts Millennials will soon make up 33% of the market. Zillow is also predicting that Millennials will play a significant role in increasing the homeownership rate this year.

So how do you reach these buyers?

This 1-hour webinar with Group Two Advertising will offer real insights and strategies that you can implement in your business TODAY. You’ll learn:

  • What makes a Millennial buyer unique
  • Which marketing strategies connect most with this instrumental group
  • How to purposefully engage and motivate Millennials to take action

Start reaching more Millennial home buyers!

The Modern Prospect’s Journey: Are You Keeping Up? (2017)

Do You Convert’s Mike Lyon and Kevin Oakley present the findings of the 2017 Home Builder Follow-Up Survey.

In this 45-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • How your competitors today are curb-qualifying online leads by source, and the huge opportunity that creates for you.
  • Strategies to make sure you aren’t missing incremental sales by unknowingly ignoring your prospects.
  • The shocking result on which lead source (social media, syndication, or builder site) gets the largest number of follow-up phone calls, and why.

Learn how to keep up with modern home buyer prospects!

Keep It Simple: Creating a Sales Process that Works (2016)

Creating a sales process that works takes some thought, but keeping it simple is important so it doesn’t overwhelm sales agents. It also allows you to build and grow over time, all the while showing your sales group how effective sales processes can be.
In this updated, 1-hour webinar hosted by Builder Partnerships, Lasso’s Dave Betcher covers the following:
  • Sales are good.  Why do we need a process?
  • How the buying process has changed
  • Map the buying process to the prospective new home buyer
  • Ensuring your CRM system is set up to facilitate your sales process
  • Creating a sales process
  • Coaching and reinforcing your sales methodology: user adoption

Get started with simple, effective sales processes!

Buying the Experience (2015)

A demonstration is about a home; an experience is about a customer’s life. Join new home sales leader Jeff Shore in a riveting discussion about the transformation of the sales process – away from feature-dumping and in favor of building great experiences for your customers. It’s new, it’s fresh, and it’s a revolutionary way to look at new home sales.

You will learn:

  • How your customer wants to view a home
  • The psychological impact of ‘anticipated memories’
  • How to design memory hooks into your sales presentation
  • The importance of a powerful conclusion

Learn how to turn a demonstration into an experience!

Presale Without Fail: How to Launch Your New Communities Off Like a Rocket (2015)

Learn the secret to launching new communities and phases with maximum results! Stop leaving your new community grand openings to chance. No matter what kind of project you are about to break ground on, you can increase your results by 30%-300% by following this innovative process! Over seven years of study, insight and results have proven the success you can predictably achieve with Presale Without Fail.

In this 45-minute webinar with Kevin Oakley of Do You Convert, you will learn how to:

  • Make openings a planned activity with less stress for your team
  • Avoid the pitfalls most builders fall into
  • Sell more homes without discounts or incentives – make more money on every sale

Get ready to launch!

The Power of the RIGHT Online Sales Program (2015)

The Power of the RIGHT Online Sales Program

Mike Lyon of Do You Convert will discuss the findings of the 2014 Online Lead Follow-Up Survey, plus the following:

  • How to triple your response rates from prospects
  • How a specific Online Sales Process will boost onsite traffic
  • The keys to maximum lead engagement

Learn how to convert more online leads!

Lights, Camera, Action! The Power of Video in New Home Sales (2014)

The Power of Video in New Home Sales

Online marketing expert Mike Lyon walks you through using video in your follow-up, shows you how to overcome your discomfort, leverage the power of video and stand out from the competition.

Learn the power of video!

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: Using Images Effectively in Email Marketing (2014)

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words | Lasso Webinar

Be sure you are reaching out to your database with great-looking, impactful emails. Lasso’s VP of Marketing Angela McKay presents a 40-minute webinar to show you how to make a big impact with images. We’ll discuss editing, software, recommendations and photos Do’s and Don’ts.

Make an impact with images!

Keep It Simple: Creating a Sales Process That Works (2014)

Keep It Simple: Creating a Sales Process That Works

Long-term lead nurturing could mean the difference between a good year and a great year in sales. In this information-packed webinar, Lasso’s VP Sales Dave Betcher demonstrates how to create a simple, effective sales process to take your leads from prospects to purchasers.

Create your sales process!

Selling By Design, Part 2: Stop Thinking Like a Builder (2014)

Jane Meagher webinar with Lasso CRM

This thought-provoking seminar with national design expert Jane Meager examines global retail trends and consumer purchase behavior, and reveals the resulting 5 Vital Trends you need to understand in order to run a world class design studio and maximize option sales.

Learn the 5 Vital Trends!

Selling By Design: Part 1 (2014)

Kimberly Mackey webinar

Kimberly Mackey of New Homes Solutions discusses how to incorporate selections into every step of the new home sales and marketing process. This 45-minute webinar is part of the “Fresh Perspectives” series, a collaboration between Lasso CRM and NAHB Professional Women in Building.

Learn to effectively sell selections!

Wowing and Winning Over Women with Product Design (2014)

Linda Hebert and Kelly Fink Webinar

Linda Hebert of Diversified Marketing & Communications and Kelly Fink of The Providence Group discuss home features and designs that attract women, and creating spaces for how families really live. This 45-minute webinar is part of the Fresh Perspectives series, a collaboration between Lasso CRM and NAHB Professional Women in Building.

Learn what women really want in a home!

The View: Homebuilding in 2014 from the Women’s Perspective (2014)

Alicia Huey, Amy Martino

Homebuilder Alicia Huey of AGH Homes and architect Amy Martino of Building Site Synergy share ideas and discuss hot topics in building – from a woman’s perspective. This 45-minute webinar is part of the “Fresh Perspectives” series, a collaboration between Lasso CRM and NAHB Professional Women in Building.

Get a fresh perspective on homebuilding!

Breaking Through the Clutter: 5 Ways to Dynamically Differentiate Your Sales Presentation (2014)

Amy O'Connor delivers the third Fresh Perspectives webinar in partnership with NAHB's PWB.

Amy O’Connor of Shore Consulting offers five proven techniques to make your new home sales presentations stand apart from the competition. This 45-minute webinar is part of the “Fresh Perspectives” series, a collaboration between Lasso CRM and NAHB Professional Women in Building.

Learn what it takes to stand apart.

Branding “Matters” to HER (2014)

Branding "Matters" to HER - Fresh Perspectives webinar with Kerry Mulcrone and Mollie Elkman

Kerry Mulcrone of Kerry & Co and Mollie Elkman of Group Two Advertising demonstrate how to tell your story online and incorporate your brand into your sales presentation, while refining your message for the female home buyer. This 45-minute webinar is part of the “Fresh Perspectives” series, a collaboration between Lasso CRM and NAHB Professional Women in Building.

Connect with today’s female home buyer.

Your Website: The Center of Your Marketing Strategy (2014)

Your Website: The Center of Your Marketing Strategy. Presented by Carol Morgan and Meredith Oliver. Hosted by Lasso CRM.

Carol Morgan of mRELEVANCE and Meredith Oliver of Creating WOW Communications provide big picture marketing strategy guidance for new home marketers in the first webinar of the Fresh Perspectives series, a collaboration between members of NAHB’s Professional Women in Building and Lasso CRM. In this 45-minute session, they explain how and why your website serves as the center of your strategy and what that means for how to handle each of your marketing tactics and activities.

Learn how to create and maintain an effective website for new home sales.

7 Proven Ways to Convert More Leads (2014)

5 Proven Ways to Convert More Leads | Lasso Webinar with Mike Lyon

Mike Lyon discusses the findings of the 2013 Online Lead Follow-Up Survey (produced jointly by Mike Lyon and Lasso CRM), and the five things you can do now to dramatically improve your conversion rates.

Start converting more leads to appointments!

The TRUTH About Honest Feedback (2014)

Lasso Webinar with Melinda Brody

Presented by video mystery shopping expert and new home sales trainer Melinda Brody, this webinar addresses how to deliver and accept effective feedback. The only way for salespeople to improve is to be able to handle direct, honest feedback on sales performance, but there is an art to delivering it so it is heard!

View the Webinar Now…

The Brand Called YOU! (2013)

The Brand Called YOU - Lasso Webinar with Kerry Mulcrone

Award-winning motivational presenter Kerry Mulcrone delivers a 45-minute webinar geared to new home sales professionals explaining why your personal brand is your most important selling tool. You’ll learn how to identify your brand, tell your story, and incorporate your brand into dynamic sales presentations.

View the Webinar Now…

REALTORS(R): Can’t Live With ‘Em, Can’t Shoot ‘Em! (2013)

Kimberly Mackey Lasso Webinar

Presented by Kimberly Mackey of New Homes Solutions, this webinar offers an entertaining, yet thought provoking, perspective on why REALTORS® and new home sales agents don’t seem to always get along. Guaranteed to change the way both “sides” view each other, you’ll learn real, out-of-the-box solutions for successfully working together.

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7 Laws of Sales Management (2013)

7 Laws of Sales Management

Myers Barnes and Mike Lyon will guide you through the essential list of best practices that come from the trenches and are implemented by the top producing leaders in the homebuilding industry.

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